Bài tập đọc hiểu tiếng Anh 7 – Có đáp án – File word

Bài tập đọc hiểu đoạn văn tiếng Anh 7

Unit 1 to Unit 4 – Có đáp án

Question:  1 – 5:

Hi! My name’s John. I live in London. It is only 8 km from my house to my school. I usually go by bus. There is often a lot of traffic, so it can be quite slow. I usually leave home at 8 o’clock, and get to school at twenty past eight. The journey home is always terrible. Sometimes I get home in forty- five minutes!
journey (n) chặng đường
terrible (adj) kinh khủng

Question:  6 – 10:

Nam:               I’d like to join the swimming club.
Mr. Anderson: How old are you?
Nam:               I’m thirteen.
Mr. Anderson: Fine. First, I need some information. What’s your name?
Nam:               My name’s Nam.
Mr. Anderson: What’s your family name, Nam?
Nam:               It’s Le.
Mr. Anderson: How do you spell your name, please?
Nam:               L-E N-A-M, Le Nam.
Mr. Anderson: What’s your address?
Nam:               35 North Street.
Mr. Anderson: What’s your telephone number?
Nam:               0272 478 2209.

Question:  11 – 15:

It’s a modern kitchen, nice and clean with a lot of things. There is a washing machine, a refrigerator, and an electric stove, but there isn’t a dishwasher. There are some lovely pictures on the walls, but there aren’t any photographs. There’s a radio near the stove. There are some flowers, but there aren’t any plants. On the table, there are some apples and oranges. Ah! And there are some glasses and plates next to the sink.

Question:  16 – 20:

Dear Hoa,
How are you? I’m fine. I’m not busy at the moment. I usually get up at a quarter to six. After I have breakfast, I go to school. I usually go to school at a quarter to seven. I have classes from seven to a quarter past eleven.
At a quarter past twelve, I have lunch. In the afternoon, I do my homework and learn to swim.
In the evening, I watch television. I go to bed at ten to ten.
How do you spend your day?
Write to me soon.

Question:  21 – 25:

Ann:Hi, Mary. This is Ann. What are you doing at the moment?
Mary:I am watching a soccer match.
Ann:Can you come out tonight?
Mary:Not really. I am starting my homework soon. Why?
Ann:We are going to see a movie.
Mary:Mm. What time?
Ann:Well, it starts at half past seven. So, we are leaving at seven.
Mary:OK. I’ll come.
Ann:Great! We’ll meet in front of the movie theater.
Mary:When will we meet?
Ann:A quarter past seven. See you later.

Question:  26 – 30:

Dear Kelly,
I am writing to tell you about my new school. It is about five kilometers from my home. Mr. Hetfield is my teacher at the school and he is very nice. His sister is also a teacher at the school.
My best friend is not at my school. She goes to a small school near her home. Now tell me about your new school. Is it a big school? Who is your teacher? Please write to me soon.

Question:  31 – 35:

Hi! My name’s Andrei. I live in Romania, in the countryside. My school is about one kilometer from my home. My sister goes to school by bike every morning, but I don’t have a bike, so I walk. I get to school in about fifteen minutes, and it’s good exercise.

Question:  36 – 40:

Dear Hoa,
Hi! My name’s Hoa. I’m Vietnamese. Now I’m in California, at the International School. I’m in class 7 with eight other students. They’re all from different countries – France, Japan, China and Mexico.
Classes start at 8.30 each morning and the school day ends at 3.30 or 4 o’clock. We have one hour for lunch and two twenty-minute breaks each day. We often go to the school cafeteria and buy snacks and drinks at break or at lunchtime.
The lessons are very interesting and my favorite subject is Biology.
International (adj) quốc tế

Question:  41 – 45:

Victor Zorba has his new timetable. His lessons begin at nine each morning and last until half past ten. Then he has a break for a quarter of an hour. During this time, Victor usually talks to his friends. He has five periods in the morning and three in the afternoon and his favorite subjects are English and Physics. The first term lasts four months from September to December.
period (n) tiết học

Question:  46 – 50:

Ms Taylor: Where do you live?
John:       I live in Western Road.
Ms Taylor: How old are you?
John:       I’m 13, but I’ll be 14 soon.
Ms Taylor: When’s your birthday?
John:       My birthday is on May 24th.
Ms Taylor: What do your parents do?
John:       My mother works in a hospital and my father’s a teacher.
Ms Taylor: How many brothers or sistersdo you have?
John:       I have two brothers and a sister.

Question:  51 – 55:

Tim: This is a photo of my family. This is my mum. She’s a teacher. And this is my dad. He works in a hotel.
Nam: Who’s this?
Tim: That’s my sister. Her name is Anne.
Nam: Are these your grandparents?
Tim: Yes. They’re my father’s parents. They live in New York.
Nam: And who’s this?
Tim: That’s Tom. He’s my older brother. He’s nineteen.
Nam: And where are you in this photo?

Question:  56 – 60:

Celia is twelve years old. She lives with her parents in Cambridge. Her address is 10 Station Road. Her telephone number is 8 262 019. She will be thirteen on her next birthday. It’s on Sunday, April 24th. She will have a small party for her birthday. She will invite some friends to her house. They will eat cakes and sweets. And they will have a lot of fun. This evening, she is planning her party. At the moment, she is writing some invitations.

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