Bài tập tiếng Anh 12 theo Unit có đáp án – Unit 1 – TEST 3

Bài tập tiếng Anh theo Unit có đáp án Test 3 Unit 1 Home Life

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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

Question 1:   A.  hands                     B.  parents                   C.  chores                    D.  boys

Question 2:   A.  brothers                 B.  weekends              C.  problems               D.  secrets

Question 3:   A.  clothes                   B.  cloths                     C.  roofs                      D.  books

Question 4:   A.  enjoys                    B.  feels                       C.  takes                      D.  gives

Question 5:   A.  attempts                B.  shares                     C.  looks                      D.  beliefs

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 6: He was looking at his parents _____, waiting for recommendations.

A.obey                            B.  obodience                   C.  obedient                      D.  obediently

Question 7: The interviews with parents showed that the vast majority were _____ of teachers.

A.support                        B.  supportive                   C.  supporter                    D.  supporting

Question 8: Billy has been seriously ill, and he was taken to _____ hospital yesterday.

A.a                                    B.  an                                 C.  the                                D.  Ø

Question 9: My husband and I both go out to work so we share the _____.

A.happiness                    B.  household chores       C.  responsibility              D.  employment

Question 10: You should not burn _____. You had better dig a hole and bury it.

A.dishes                          B.  lab                                C.  garbage                        D.  shift

Question 11: He was very respectful at home and _____ to his parents.

A.responsible                  B.  caring                           C.  obedient                      D.  lovely

Question 12: One of Vietnamese traditions is a belief in _____ families and in preserving their cultures.

A.wealthy                        B.  secure                          C.  safe                              D.  close-knit

Question 13: He was __ when I had those problems and said whatever I did he would stand by me.

A.supportive                   B.  exciting                        C.  busy                             D.  dull

Question 14: He was determined to give his family a secure and solid _____.

A.base                             B.  floor                             C.  basement                     D.  ground

Question 15: It’s hard work looking _____ three children all day.

A.after                             B.  up                                 C.  to                                  D.  through

Question 16: When my mother is busy preparing dinner, my father often gives a hand _____ tidying the living room.

A.on                                 B.  with                              C.  for                                D.  about

Question 17: I put your keys in the drawer _____ they cannot get lost.

A.because                       B.  let alone                       C.  instead of                    D.  so that

Question 18: Alex is busy _____ for his exams.

A.to study                       B.  studied                         C.  studying                      D.  studies

Question 19: She is never willing _____ any personal question.

A.answer                         B.  to answer                     C.  answering                    D.  answered

Question 20: _____ a doctor, you have to meet some certain requirements of the medical college.

A.To become                  B.  Become                        C.  Becoming                    D.  Became

Question 21: Sam _____ to change a light bulb when he _____ and _____.

A.was trying / slipped / fell                                      B.  tried / was slipping / falling

C.had been trying / slipped / was falling                D.  has tried / slips / falls

Question 22: Every day I _____ up at 6 o’clock, _____ breakfast at 7 o’clock and _____ for work at 8 o’clock

A.get / eat / leave                                                       B.  have got / eating / leaving

C.got / ate / left                                                          D.  will get / have eaten / left

Question 23: Yesterday, I _____ for work late because I _____ to set my alarm.

A.had left / forgot                                                      B.  was leaving / was forgetting

C.left / had forgot                                                      D.  had been leaving / would forget

Question 24: By the time we _____ to the train station, Susan _____ for us for more than two hours.

A.will get / has been waiting                                    B.  got / was waiting

C.got / had been waiting                                           D.  get / will wait

Question 25: I _____ for this company for more than thirty years, and I intend to stay here until I _____ next year.

A.am working / will retire                                        B.  am going to work / am retiring

C.work / am going to retire                                      D.  have been working / retire

Question 26: My mother is always the first _____ up and the last _____ to bed.

A.getting / going             B.  to get / going               C.  getting / to go              D.  to get / to go

Question 27: I _____ you last night after dinner, but you _____ there. Where _____ you?

A.was calling / are not / are                                      B.  called / were not / were

C.had called / had not been / were                          D.  called / have not been / are

Question 28: The Titanic _____ the Atlantic when it _____ an iceberg.

A.was crossing / struck                                             B.  had crossed / was striking

C.crossed / had struck                                               D.  is crossing / strikes

Question 29: _____ to come over for dinner tonight?

A.Do you want               B.  Are you wanting         C.  Have you wanted       D.  Will you want

Question 30: What _____ at this time tomorrow?

A.will you do                                                              B.  will you be doing

C.will you have done                                                D.  will you have been doing

Choose the best sentence that can be made from the words given.

Question 31: Family rules / important / teach children values / respect for themselves and others.

A.Family rules are important, teaching children values and respect for themselves and others.

B.Family rules are important which teach children values and respect for themselves and others.

C.It is family rules are important because they teach children values and respect for themselves and others.

D.Family rules are important. They teach children values and respect for themselves and others.

Question 32: Family rules / help / raise children / run a household / easier and smoother.

A.Family rules help to raise children but run a household easier and smoother.

B.Family rules help raise children or run a household more easier and smoother.

C.Family rules that help raise children and run a household easier and smoother.

D.Family rules help raise children and run a household easier and smoother.

Question 33: My mother / definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman / offer / us / great love and a strict upbringing.

A.My mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman, offers us great love and a strict upbringing.

B.My mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman, who offers us great love and a strict upbringing.

C.Because my mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman so she offers us great love and a strict upbringing.

D.As definitely is my mother a traditional stay-at-home woman, but she offers us great love and a strict upbringing.

Question 34: everyone in my family / do the share / household chores.

A.Everyone in my family has to do the share of household chores.

B.Everyone in my family, they must do the share of household chores.

C.As everyone in my family has to do the share of household chores.

D.To everyone in my family, we have to do our share of household chores.

Question 35: We / not allow / go out in the evening / make / finish all homework / go to bed.

A.We do not allow going out in the evening and make finish all homework before going to bed.

B.We are not allowed to go out in the evening and are made to finish all homework before going to bed.

C.We are not allowed to go out in the evening so we are made to finish all homework before going to bed.

D.Although we are not allowed to go out in the evening but we are made to finish all homework before going to bed.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

I was born to dance. I’ve been dancing all my life, ever since my mother, who gave up a dancing career on the stage when she married my father, picked me up and twirled me around as an infant. As much as I loved dancing with her, her greatest gift to me was her “unconditional love” during her lifetime.
My parents divorced after only 5 years of marriage, but my father remarried a lovely lady who also loved to dance. They used to take me to a dancing club where I would listen to the music and watch them dance occasionally my stepmother, Mary, invited me to dance.
I also met my wife, Charlotte, in a dancing party. I danced with her for about 15 minutes, and during that brief span, I realized that I fell in love with her. We kept dancing throughout our marriage. My earliest memories of dancing with my daughters started when I came home from work to our small home in Marblehead. Massachusetts, and my daughter Laura was about 3 years old. It was very relaxing for me to turn on the record player, pick up Laura in my arms, and dance her around the room!
Our family danced a lot. My daughters, Laura and Anne, and I continued to dance on every occasion. One favorite memory I have of dancing with Laura and Anne was when I took each of them when they were seniors in high school to the Daddy-Daughter dance. We won both dance competitions!
As their father, I have tried to provide my daughters with unconditional love, as my Mother provided to me, endless emotional and loving support, and good educations and life experiences which have helped prepare them for happy and successful adult lives. Being a father who is worthy of their love and respect, I consider fatherhood a privilege, not an entitlement.
In 1994, my oldest daughter Laura gave me a lovely book, which I still have, entitled “Fathers and Daughters.” My Father’s Day suggestion to every father is to dance with your daughters at every opportunity. It will not only bring you closer, it will give them memories of you “to hang onto” long after we are gone.

Question 36: Of the characters mentioned in the passage, who did not like dancing?

A.Mary                            B.  Laura                            C.  Anne                            D.  No one

Question 37: The writer _____.

A.could not dance well                                             B.  had a devoted mother

C.had not met his father since his parents divorced    D.  did not like to dance with his step mother

Question 38: Which sentence is not true?

A.He used to go to a dancing club with his father and step mother.

B.The writer had two daughters.

C.The writer enjoyed dancing with his daughters.

D.The writer never danced with his step mother

Question 39: Which is not referred to what the writer provides his daughters with?

A.the arts of dancing                                                 B.  unconditional love

C.endless emotional and loving support                D.  good educations and life experiences

Question 40: The writer _____ fatherhood.

A.underestimates            B.  appreciates                  C.  dislikes                       D.  disapproves of

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.

Jean was the warmest, kindest lady (41)                       always volunteered her time, her effort and her love. (42)                       a warm smile, a kind word or a listening ear, she was destined to make her mark in the hearts of her (43)                       family and friends. They were her greatest (44)                       throughout her eleven-year struggle with cancer, which gave her the (45)                       to never give up. When it came to her leisure time, Jean enjoyed (46)                       some shopping and having (47)                       lunch with her two children. She also liked to shop at the supermarket, particularly to buy clothes for her sons and grandchildren. For Jean, having a happy family (48)                       having heaven in her heart and angels in her life. She truly cherished everyone in her life! (49)                       gave Jean the greatest joy was sharing herself with her family and friends, offering them the most precious thing she (50)                       – her time. It is a gift none of them will ever forget.

Question 41: A.  which            B.  that                            C.  whom                        D.  whose

Question 42: A.  On                  B.  In                               C.  For                             D.  With

Question 43: A.  cherish          B.  cherishable               C.  cherished                 D.  cherishingly

Question 44: A.  support          B.  admire                       C.  desire                        D.  arm

Question 45: A.  courage         B.  courageous               C.  courageously           D.  encourage

Question 46: A.  do                   B.  to do                          C.  doing                         D.  done

Question 47: A.  a                     B.  an                               C.  the                             D.  no article

Question 48: A.  mentioned    B.  meant                        C.  showed                     D.  expressed

Question 49: A.  What              B.  That                           C.  This                           D.  Which

Question 50: A.  belonged       B.  rented                        C.  possessed                 D.  borrowed

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