Reading Comprehension Exercise English 10 Unit 2 – School talks #2

English 10 Unit 2 – school talks – Reading

Reading Passage 2

If you try to phone Sarah Smith, you will be lucky to catch her at home. Take this week for example. On Monday, she played cards with a group of friends. On Tuesday, she went to a meeting of her book club. On Wednesday night, there was a big concert downtown. On Thursday, she went to spend the night with her niece, and on Friday, she went to a wedding. On Sunday, of course, she went to church as she has done all her life. Sarah Smith is seventy-seven, and since her husband died, she lived alone. However, that does not stop her doing more than most forty years old. She drives around herself and she does everything for herself. “I keep the house and I do all my cooking,” she said, looking around her beautiful house where you would hardly find any dust, “I make all the clothes I wear, I read many books and newspapers, I talk on the telephone a lot, I watch various TV programs, I sometimes even attend some evening classes, and there is never a dull moment.” The state of Georgia, where Sarah lives, probably has changed more than most and she still remembers the time when she first came to the town. She said, “Georgia has grown so rapidly. It is a beautiful state with large highways and marvelous large cities. I was raised in a little country town with about a thousand people and almost everybody was friendly.”

#1. According to the writer, _____.

#2. Sarah Smith is _____.

#3. Sarah Smith _____.

#4. Which sentence has the different idea from the text?

#5. Georgia _____.



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