Reading Comprehension Exercise English 10 Unit 2 – School talks #3

English 10 Unit 2 – school talks – Reading

Reading Passage 3

Americans are usually tolerant of non-native speakers who have some trouble understanding English. But they become annoyed when a person pretends to understand but does not really and then creates problems because of misunderstanding what was said. No one wants soap when he asks for soup. So, if you do not understand what is said to you, admit it and politely ask the person to repeat or explain. It is quite rude to converse with a companion in your native language and leave your American friends standing there feeling stupid because they cannot understand the conversation. They may also feel that you are talking about them or saying something that you do not want them to hear. If you must use your native language to explain something to a non-English-speaking companion, at least translate for your American friends so that they do not feel left out. You should learn a few more polite English expressions, and you will be ready to face the world of Americans with confidence. The polite response to a compliment about your looks or your work is ‘Thank you” – a smile and a nod is not enough. The response to “Thank you” is, of course, ‘You are welcome.” If someone asks, “How are you?” do not give your medical history. But just say, “Fine, thanks. And you?” What should you say when someone sneezes? It may not seem logical, but the correct response is “God bless you.”

#1. Americans _____.

#2. When communicating with Americans, you _____.

#3. Americans _____.

#4. The writer has advised us _____.

#5. A polite response to “Thank you” is _____.



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