Reading Comprehension Exercise English 10 Unit 2 – School talks #1

English 10 Unit 2 – school talks – Reading

Reading Passage 1

There are about 227 million Americans, and nearly sixty million of them go to school. Americans have always believed in education, but in an American way. The school’s first job is to turn millions of foreign children into Americans. Since they came from many different countries, this is not easy. Schools have to teach the foreign children to speak English, to love their new country, and to learn how to live in it. More and more parents from other countries have sent their children to the USA to get schooling because they think it may the ladder up which their children may climb to a better life. Most American parents still pay less attention to book-learning than to a practical education that will help their children to find a good job. Therefore getting started on a successful career is the main aim of the American education. The USA tries to make children equal. However, there is also some difference between public schools in rich areas and poor areas. For example, Mississippi spends 1,300 USD a year on each student and Massachusetts – a much richer state – spends 2,400 USD. Many Americans are worried about the serious problem of violence and failure in some schools. However, we cannot deny the great success of American education. Its best universities are among the best anywhere. American philosophers and economists are world-famous and more and more American scientists win Nobel prizes. But perhaps the most important is that American education never stops.

#1. According to the writer, _____.

#2. To turn millions of foreign children into Americans _____.

#3. Most American parents prefer _____.

#4. The money invested in education is in every area of the USA.

#5. To sum up, _____.



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