Unit 2 Personal Experiences Reading Exercise #1

Personal Experiences

Unit 2 Personal Experiences Reading Exercise Passage 1

Sometimes our most embarrassing experiences in life have the potential to become one of our funny moments. It all depends on how you look at it.
I was contemplating joining a local professional association and decided it would be a good idea to attend their free introductory meeting. So I planned to go after work, meet the officers and introduce myself to a few members.

On the evening the meeting was scheduled, I happened to have had a very long day at work. I had not had a chance to eat lunch and could feel my blood sugar dropping. Since this makes me light-headed and a bit grumpy, I decided I had better stop at home and get a quick snack to hold me over, before I went to this meeting. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?

That night, traffic was backed up, and it took me longer than usual to get home. I decided that all I had time to do was to run into the house, get two apples, a few crackers and a bottle of water and then hurry on to this meeting. I put them all into in my large purse, and ran back outside to get in the car.

Fortunately, the traffic had cleared up. I sped up downtown and made it to the meeting on time, without eating anything. “Great” I thought, “Everything is going perfectly”. I went inside and all the newcomers were invited to sit at a round table and introduce themselves before the meeting started. It was very crowded, and I did not really have room to put my purse on the floor or on my chair, so I put it on the table in front of me and settled down to listen to the speaker.

After the meeting, I did what I had intended to do. I introduced myself to the officers of this club and met a few other members. When I was speaking I noticed that everybody was looking at me strangely and smiled. The worst thing happened when I stood up, all things in my purse dropped out! Apples, crackers, a bottle of water, and even some make-up.

#1. She put her purse on the chair.

#2. The writer attended an introductory meeting of a local professional association which was held in the evening.

#3. Everything in her purse dropped out except her make-up.

#4. The writer had to work late on that day.

#5. The writer did not have lunch but she had an enormous breakfast,



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