Unit 2 Personal Experiences Reading Exercise #3

Personal Experiences

Unit 2 Personal Experiences Reading Exercise Passage 3

I will never forget it, the time when I first worked as a teacher. On the first day of my career, I really wanted to make a good impression on my students, so
I made a good preparation for everything and I had chosen my best clothes. My students seemed to listen to me attentively but they really looked at me with a funny look on their face, but I dismissed these thoughts from my head and tried to explained the lesson as well as possible.

Before getting into my car, I stopped to use the restroom down the hall. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I almost died. All over the front of me, in my hair and on my purse was a white chalky substance that would not come off. The harder I tried to rub it, the grayer and dirtier it looked. I was absolutely mortified, thinking about the first impression I had made. I racked my brains to think of what I could have gotten all over me and how could I have not noticed it before I went into the meeting? Then I realized what had happened.

We are renovating our house, and the dry wall had just been sanded. I must have put my purse down in a big pile of dust from the dry wall. Then I probably picked it up, hugged it against my chest as I went to work. I just stood in the restroom, staring at the mirror, horrified. I wondered what those students must have thought about me. What a first impression I had just made!

#1. Her students _____.

#2. The writer _____ on the first day of her career.

#3. The writer _____.

#4. The white chalky substance was from _____.

#5. The writer _____.




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